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Add real time Greek ferry schedules in your blog with Ferryhopper


Are you a travel blogger? A Greek travel guru who loves writing about his/her favorite Greek islands? Do you maintain a webpage dedicated to a specific island? You just came to the right place!

Greece has so many hidden gems, and the number of visitors for the Greek islands is in the order of millions per year. The primary (and most valuable) source of information for travelers visiting Greece are travel blogs and pages dedicates to the Greek islands.

At some point, you will talk to your readers about ferries, right? After all, summer in Greece is all about those ferries! And having such content in your website will eventually improve the overall quality/usefulness of your posts. Here comes the problem though...

Maintaining up-to-date information of ferries in Greece is pretty much impossible. Schedules change rather frequently, connections between ports can alter from month to month, while prices fluctuate depending on season & availability (obsolete information, a content manager's nightmare).

We have dealt with this issue ourselves, in our effort to create useful content for our pages. It goes without saying that being a ferry booking website, showing valid information is very important. And for what matters, we were not keen on adding ugly HTML tables to our website, let alone having to update them on a daily basis.

A widget to the rescue!

Long story short, we decided to invest some time & effort into creating a nice and efficient solution. We simply thought of a small "box" that would show itineraries between any two given ports. Et voilà, our ferries widget:

Powered by real-time data from our website and ForthCRS, this widget can be added in any blog page. With zero effort, you can have real-time information for ferry connections between greek islands. Including details such as ferry names, prices and departure/arrival times.


Installation is extremely easy. You just need to get an api key from us, and then add the following code snippet at the bottom of your website body tag, similar to what you have already been doing with embeddable scripts such as Google Analytics or Disqus.

With the installation script in place, you can then inject the widget anywhere you wish, using custom HTML elements. The origin and destination attributes correspond to specific ports.

As you can observe in this page, the widget is fully responsive. Moreover, you have the option of adding than one widget in your pages. If you wish to learn more about it, get your API key and add it to your website, please contact us. We will provide you with the full list of ports and ferry routes that are available, and walk you throught the installation steps.

About Ferryhopper
We are a team of young people, passionate about making ferry travel around Greece easy, fast, and even more fun! We specialize in selling ferry tickets online and nothing but that. And we are the best at it! Because at Ferryhopper we’re all about the journey.